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BRILIAN Ignites: Setting the Stage for Success at the Zaragoza Kick-Off Meeting, FIRST DAY 13TH OF JUNE 2023

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A groundbreaking initiative, BRILIAN, sets its wheels in motion as key stakeholders from across Europe gather in Zaragoza for a momentous kick-off meeting. The event marks the commencement of an ambitious project aimed at revolutionizing ten value chains by harnessing the power of bio-based products.

Under the leadership of CIRCE and supported by a consortium of visionary partners, BRILIAN is set to reshape the European business landscape. By leveraging bio-based products, derived from renewable resources, the project aims to enhance resource efficiency, reduce environmental impacts, and foster economic growth.

“This kick-off meeting symbolizes the beginning of a remarkable journey,” said [by Marco De La Feld, WP6 leader]. “BRILIAN aims to revolutionize European value chains by harnessing the power of bio-based products, driving sustainable development, and bolstering the competitiveness of industries across Europe. Together, we will forge a path towards a greener, more prosperous future.”


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