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EasyPrint: Interview with the experiment


EasyPrint (Engine for the Assessment of SYstem PRINTing) provides an intelligent design service that allows customised products to be developed, following processes with zero environmental impact. In particular, we are talking about additive manufacturing: customers interested in a particular product, together with suppliers, have the opportunity to define specific printing requirements, which will be used by experts in the field to produce the final artefact.

The circular economy as a goal to be adopted in all companies!

Additive Manufacturing facilitates adherence to the Circular Economy paradigm. Companies pursuing such an approach invest in improving resource efficiency during manufacturing processes. The EasyPRINT platform pursues this goal: efficiency can be ensured by combining simulated print processes prior to production, optimised automation of print paths and the ability to use digital archiving techniques to validate which products are or will be most in demand by customers.

  • EasyPRINT enables the regeneration, reprocessing and recycling of materials, extending useful life and avoiding unsold products as the design is guided by the customer’s own specifications.
  • Digital files can be shared as virtual inventories and produced locally, avoiding the need to physically ship parts and finished products. EasyPrint can bring different production cycles together to make the service more efficient and sustainable, even for end users.
  • Combined design with the customer helps reduce waste by optimising materials during the manufacturing process, time and CO₂ emissions.

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