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The ELLIPSE project celebrated on Wednesday 8th May a significant milestone with its 12-months meeting held at Biocant Park in Cantanhede, Portugal.

The meeting, hosted by Biotrend, brought together project partners for a comprehensive review of progress and discussion on future steps. The event started with an insightful introduction by Bruno Ferreira from Biotrend, providing attendees with valuable context and setting the stage for the day’s proceedings. Following this, Rafael Jiménez from AIMPLAS, project coordinator, provided an overview of the project’s progress and outlined the strategic direction for the upcoming phase.

The event showcased the remarkable progress achieved in the past year, highlighting innovative technologies, research breakthroughs, and collaborative efforts driving the project forward. Attendees had the opportunity to delve into discussion on the latest advancements, exchange insights, and explore strategies for maximising the project’s impact. The meeting ended with the visit to the Biocant laboratories. The visit provided valuable insights into the practical application of research findings and underscored the project’s commitment to fostering innovation and collaboration.

Looking ahead, the ELLIPSE project remains committed to driving innovation, advancing bio-based solutions, and addressing pressing environmental challenges. With continued collaboration and dedication from all partners, the project is poised to make a lasting impact in the field of bioeconomy.

We thank all partners for the participation and the active involvement!


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