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FLEXIZYME Project Kick-Off Meeting makes a step forward towards a more competitive industrial biotechnology.

FLEXIZYME, a 48-month project proposing a systemic innovation approach aims to develop a versatile biotechnological platform for primary Fatty Amines (FAs) production from fat-rich and protein-rich feedstocks, officially kicked off with a successful meeting in Valencia, Spain. Hosted by ITENE, the coordinating partner, the event brought together the consortium partners to start advancing together towards a circular economy and a greener, more sustainable future for the EU.

Bio-based products through sustainable by-products

Standing for the “Construction of a FLEXIble and adaptable enZYMatic biotechnological platform for sustainablE industrial production of bio-based FAs from side stream materials”, FLEXIZYME’s aim is to consider all the development steps to obtain biobased FAs from fat-rich and protein-rich feedstocks to fit real industrial needs.

An upstream, midstream, and downstream approach

An integrated holistic approach will be deployed to drive the technological development within the project. FLEXIZYME will apply an Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) -driven stakeholder-dependent interdisciplinary approach to ensure industrial implementation of the biotechnological platform and to design and frame a strategy for assessing the various ethical, societal, and gender issues related to the development implementation, and adaptation of FLEXIZYME.

A Consortium of experts

FLEXIZYME has a well-balanced consortium covering all the value chain from residue valorisation to end-users. It includes academic institutions specialising in fundamental R&D, enzymatic processes, and sustainability assessment and industry. The consortium members offer a well-rounded set of skills and resources across the value chain, with a collaboration that spans from R&D to commercialisation, ensuring a comprehensive approach and a grounded commitment to contributing towards the development of circular bioeconomy in the European Union.

Stay Tuned!

Stakeholders are invited to follow FLEXIZYME’s journey towards a greener future. Follow the project’s social media for updates and latest developments!

Valencia, Spain – June 5th-6th, 2024





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