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MixMatters Celebrates Its First Anniversary Promoting the Valorisation of Mixed Biological Waste

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The 18 entities that make up the European consortium MixMatters gathered in Valencia on 4 and 5 of June to hold their general assembly, marking the first year of this innovative project. The meeting took place at Las Naves, one of the participating entities, and served as a platform to review the progress made and plan the next steps.

MixMatters, led by AINIA, aims to transform mixed biological waste, which amounts to 113 million tonnes annually in the European Union, into valuable resources through an integrated and versatile solution. This solution includes a modular separation unit and a valorisation hub adapted to the type of waste. The goal is to prevent approximately 75% of this waste from ending up in landfills or incinerators.

During the assembly, participants conducted a thorough review of the activities carried out during the project’s first year. Parallel sessions were also held to define the next steps to continue advancing MixMatters’ mission. One of the highlights was the visit to Mercavalencia, one of the sites where the first of the thre demonstration of the Integrated System will take place during 4 months. This system is designed to significantly improve the separation and valorisation of biological waste, optimising both the efficiency and sustainability of the process.

Additionally, the assembly featured the participation of the Brilian and Ellipse projects, also funded by the Circular Bio-Based Europe (CBE) joint initiative. This collaboration strengthens the ties between the projects and amplifies the impact of their joint activities.

MixMatters is co-financed by the Circular Bio-Based Europe (CBE) joint initiative under the European program for innovation and research ‘Horizon Europe 2021-2027’ (HE).


For more information, please contact:

Sofía Ros – Clúster FOOD+i – – 659 17 53 35


Valencia, Spain – 5 June 2024




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