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BioeconomyVentures, launched on May 1 st , 2021 aims to the creation of an entrepreneurial ecosystem in the biobased industry sector. The Biobased Industry in Europe is, indeed, a fast-paced innovation sector. Many start-ups and spin-off companies seek to access the market backed by competitive and innovative ideas. The reality, however, is that they often have a hard time in surviving and perish within few years from their creation. BioeconomyVentures will ultimately provide them entrepreneurial/managerial skills and improve their access to finance by stimulating  cooperation within the community.

The involvment of external experts through the BioeconomyVentures Ambassadors Programme (AAP), will equip the selected entrepreneurs with the proper financial and business knowledge and guide them to the market through matching and support activities. Two main tools will be developed within the scope of the project: the BioeconomyVentures Evaluation Matrix and the BioeconomyVentures Platform. The first consists in a methodology that will be developed within the consortium to properly identify and evaluate, both quantitatively and qualitatively, the entrepreneurs’ needs. The latter will be a one-stop shop platform where the brokerage services are provided and the community meets. These tools serve also to ensure that the project will continue to deliver results after its end.

Our Role

  • Communication and Dissemination

    ENCO is the leader of the Dissemination & Communication activities in WP5. It will work to attract key stakeholders and to guarantee that the impacts of the project gain momentum across the EU.

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    € 1.499.312,50

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    30 months

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