CISUFLO - CIrcular SUstainable FLOor coverings

On the 1st of June 2021, CISUFLO project officially began with the aim of minimising the environmental impact of the flooring sector in Europe. The project focuses on three specific floor coverings materials: wood, PVC and textile.

Six pilots will be implemented to create new circular floor coverings, improve the recyclability of the materials being currently used, and turn the value chains circular. The project sets up a systemic action addressing also the current waste streams that are mostly incinerated or landfilled. It will generate policy briefs and recommendations supporting policy-making in the flooring sector. Connections with other sectors (i.e. constructions, furniture, plastics) will be emphasised and nurtured through the Transition Support Group, maximising the impact of the project beyond the flooring sector itself.

Overall, CISUFLO products are expected to be a sustainable viable alternative to conventional floor coverings responding to the same quality standards.

Our Role

  • Communication and Dissemination

    ENCO is the leader of the WP of Communication and Dissemination. Its role is to spread awareness on the activities, project developments and main results obtained of CISUFLO within the peer and sectoral-specific community, and beyond.

  • Exploitation

    ENCO leads CISUFLO's Exploitation activities. It will support the post-project phase of CISUFLO valorising exploitable results obtained and setting out a strategic plan to bring them to the market.

Project Details

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  • Funding programme


  • Budget

    € 9.032.625,00

  • Project Duration

    48 months

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