FLIWARE - Make you travel smoother

FLIWARE is FIWARE-powered mobile app addressed to smart passengers who seek to improve and simplify their airport & city experience. FLIWARE offers a suite of advanced solutions and services, improving passengers experience on the ground. By using FLIWARE, travellers are able to: i) manage transfers to/from the airport (public transports, taxi, car rental with/without driver), including buying services & tickets; ii) manage leisure time at the airport, by interactive maps with POIs, Fast-track, WiFi Access, and real-time flight information (departure expected/actual time, terminal and gate info, luggage belt number); iii) manage check in/boarding time, real-time information about queues lengths and waiting times for security checks (through beacons). Prior tested at the Naples Airport, FLIWARE aspires to be an all-in-one solution for EU airports and fliers, efficiently connecting passengers to airports and their ecosystem in one single app.

Our Role

  • Communication and Dissemination

    Enco is in charge of developing and implementing the project communication strategy and dissemination, including the website development and communication materials.

  • Exploitation

    Enco has been carrying out exploitation actitivities addressed to the market uptake of the FLIWARE results.

  • Management

    Enco has been coordinating the project activities from the technical and financial point of view.


Project Details

  • URL

    View Project Website

  • Funding programme

    frontierCities2 (FIWARE Accelerator) H2020

  • Budget

    € 99,776.00

  • Project Duration

    15 months

  • Start Date

    September 2015