M2Q scarl

M2Q scarl - Laboratorio pubblico-privato di R&S in campo agroindustriale

The objective of the project is the realization of a private public laboratory to carry out R&D activities in the agro-industrial field, especially in favor of SMEs to facilitate access to large-scale retail and international markets, through:

  • Support for product and process innovation;
  • Quality and product certification;
  • Environmental sustainability.

Research lines

  • Product quality: development of new product quality management and assurance system in order to enhance the already recognized values of the agri-food industry excellence and satisfy the new needs of consumers
  • Food and health: development of new technologies based on the application of nanotechnologies and microencapsulation for the development of functional foods and tailored products for specific consumer populations
  • Traceability of raw materials and products: development of methodologies to study the relationship between territory and production, also with the aim of defining an environmental vocationally using different types of information (geological, pedological, topographical, landscape, climatic), genetic and agronomic) and highlighting the interactions that modulate production and quality
  • Sustainability of production: study of the mechanisms that regulate the full manifestation of the biological and functional properties of food products and study the phenomena that take place during the phases of transformation and conservation of the product, not only at the macrotissutal level but also at the cellular level.

Our Role

  • Innovation Management

    MARKET ANALYSIS - An in-depth understanding of customer needs, requirements, psychographics and purchase behavior needs was defined for the development of functional foods and tailored products for specific consumer populations. Competitor analysis helped identify best fit business models, the largest opportunities and guide product or service development and eventual messaging for heightened competitive advantage and differentiation. FEASIBILITY STUDY - A feasibility study was developed to determine potential positive and negative outcomes of the commercialization of a Non-destructive measurement of tomato quality using a miniature handheld Near-infrared reflectance spectrometer

Project Details

  • URL

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  • Funding programme

    Programma PON Ricerca e Competitività 2007 2013 Avviso D.D.713/Ricdel 29 ottobre 2010” – Titolo III “Creazione di nuovi distretti e/o nuove aggregazioni pubblico private”

  • Budget

    € 8.500.000

  • Project Duration

    months 45

  • Start Date

    November 2013