Started on 1 st March 2020, SUREFISH is part of the PRIMA program, an initiative supported and financed under the Horizon 2020.

SUREFISH is an Innovative project aiming at guaranteeing the traceability and authenticity of the Mediterranean fish along the entire supply value chain. SUREFISH brings together public and private organisations across the Mediterranean area of 5 countries, Italy, Spain, Tunisia, Egypt and Lebanon, to perform collaborative R&D strategic for the interdisciplinary approach for fish sector innovation in a 36 month period.

Concept and approach rely both on a on a global solution regarding safety, traceability and authenticity for the Mediterranean fishery supply chain (fishing, on board processing, in land processing, retailers/importer), made up by two technological solutions for safety and traceability and a third solution for authenticity by 12 harmonised analytical protocols, validated through 4 pilot use cases.

Our Role

  • Communication and Dissemination

    ENCO is the leader of the communication campaign, defining its strategies, managing the official project website and social media. ENCO identifies channels and key messages for each target audience according to the project needs

  • Coordination

    ENCO is the project coordinator, managing and supervising the whole consortium activities

  • Exploitation

    ENCO is the leader of the exploitation activities, ensuring the replicability of the results beyond the project

  • IPR management

    ENCO is in charge of the IPR management, ensuring the appropriate protection of the results generated during the project activities

Project Details

  • URL

    View Project Website

  • Funding programme

    PRIMA Partnership for Research and Innovation in the Mediterranean Area

  • Budget

    € 1.597.025,00

  • Project Duration

    months 36

  • Start Date

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