Water2REturn - REcovery and REcycling of nutrients TURNing wasteWATER into added-value products for a circular economy in agriculture

Water2REturn proposes a full-scale demonstration process for integrated nutrients recovery from wastewater from the slaughterhouse industry using biochemical and physical technologies and a positive balance in energy footprint. The project will not only produce a nitrates and phosphate concentrate available for use as organic fertiliser in agriculture, but its novelty rests on the use of an innovative fermentative process designed for sludge valorisation which results in a hydrolysed sludge (with a multiplied Biomethane Potential) and biostimultants products, with low development costs and high added value in plant nutrition and agriculture.Water2REturn project adopts a Circular Economy approach where nutrients present in wastewaters from the meat industry can be recycled and injected back into the agricultural system as new raw materials. The project foster synergies between the food and sustainable agriculture industries and propose innovative business models for the resulting products that will open new market opportunities for the European industries and SMEs in two key economic sectors.

Our Role

  • Communication and Dissemination

    ENCO leads Communication and Dissemination activities.

  • Exploitation

    Enco is responsible for activities related to end user needs and market uptake of wastewater technology and recycled products at European level. Enco is in charge of business planning and sustainability assessment. Enco is also coordinating capacity building activities regarding meat and agriculture industries.

Project Details

  • URL

    View Project Website

  • Funding programme

    H2020- CIRC-02-2016-2017 - Water in the context of the circular economy

  • Budget

    € 7.129.322,50

  • Project Duration

    57 months

  • Start Date

    July 2017