BioSupPack – Demonstrative process for the production and enzymatic recycling of environmentally safe, superior and versatile PHA-based rigid packaging solutions by plasma integration in the value chain.

BioSupPack was launched on June 1, 2021 with the goal of upscaling novel, cost-competitive and highly performing bio-based rigid packaging solutions based on PHA, also suitable for being recycled and recovered.

BioSupPack will contribute to the creation of a new bio-cluster/value chain connecting the agri-food, bio-plastics, pulp & paper, and packaging sectors. The project will explore, first at lab-scale and pilot level and then at large scale, the possibility to use brewery industry by-products (beer spent grains) as a fermentation feedstock for PHB production because of their large availability in Europe, high moisture and low fermentable sugar content properties. It will improve PHA-based packaging barrier, hydrophobic and squeezable properties, while assessing enzymatic recycling and re-use feasibility. The consortium will consider the organization of the whole value chain, managing both brewery waste logistic aspects and new packaging waste identification and sorting.

BioSupPack focuses on final consumers satisfaction and perception to deliver marketable products after the end of the project in the food, beverage, homecare and cosmetic products’ packaging segments.

Our Role


ENCO is the leader of the WP ‘Innovation Impacts’. It will lay out a innovation management plan as well as a plan to exploit the main results. ENCO will also develop a business strategy to bring the new packaging developed under BioSupPack to gain a relevant market share.



€ 8.791.700,10


June 1 st , 2021

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