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Cooperative business models for bio-based chains in rural areas

In the face of the current energy crisis and the anticipated period of economic recession, it is crucial to implement bioeconomy strategies that not only reduce dependence on fossil fuels but also combat climate change while stimulating the European Union’s economy. Enter BRILIAN—a ground-breaking initiative that aims to define long-term strategies to boost the income of primary producers in agriculture by expanding their business models to incorporate the valorisation of agricultural by-products.

BRILIAN’s innovative approach offers primary producers the opportunity to diversify their income streams and mitigate economic risks by tapping into additional markets, complementing their existing agricultural production without creating resource competition. By harnessing the untapped potential of agricultural by-products, BRILIAN will enable primary producers to maximize the value derived from their operations and contribute to the reduction of waste.

The core focus of BRILIAN lies in validating a series of Actions for Bio-Innovation (ABI) that will establish sustainable, long-term biobased value chains across the European Union. These ABIs will serve as catalysts for promoting cooperative business models among primary producers and various stakeholders involved in biobased value chains. By fostering collaboration and partnership, BRILIAN aims to create synergies that will drive the growth and success of the bioeconomy.

To support these ABI initiatives, BRILIAN will develop a comprehensive suite of modules comprising an optimization toolkit. This toolkit will empower stakeholders with the ability to explore and implement diverse vertical business models that leverage the full potential of biobased resources. By integrating cutting-edge optimization techniques, BRILIAN aims to unlock new avenues for sustainable growth and profitability while minimizing environmental impact.

In summary, BRILIAN represents a dynamic and forward-thinking initiative that addresses the pressing challenges of our time. By empowering primary producers, fostering collaboration, and embracing innovation, BRILIAN paves the way for a thriving bioeconomy that not only reduces reliance on fossil fuels but also contributes to the fight against climate change. With BRILIAN’s visionary approach, a sustainable and prosperous future awaits the European Union, characterized by diversified incomes, enhanced resource utilization, and a resilient agricultural sector.


ENCO leads the Replication and Exploitation work package (WP6) by facilitating stakeholder networking, ensuring broad outreach, monitoring IPR, implementing post-project exploitation strategies, and contributing to socio-economic analysis and circular business models with project partners.




€ 3 420 444.83

48 months

June 1 st , 2023






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