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MERLIN – Increasing the quality and rate of MultilayER packaging recycLINg waste

Started on June 1st, 2021, MERLIN gathers sorting technology providers, recyclers, research centers, social innovation experts and end-users with the aim of designing innovative solutions for all the processes required to increase the quality and rate of recycled plastic materials coming from multi-layer packaging waste. The project is in line with the EU Plastic Strategy 2030 designed to reduce the quantity of plastic packaging waste.

MERLIN’s new solutions will meet the growing number of plants that are seeking effective solutions aligned with the EU regulatory framework. The project will develop new sorting, delaminating and recycling solutions for multi-layer packaging based on PET and/or polyolefins, which are cost-efficient and offer high performance to move towards ‘green’ waste management systems. This will be complemented with additional techniques and tools for circularity design to increase knowledge and effectiveness in the closure of the European multilayer plastic chain. It will also result in major business opportunities reinforced by current multi-layer rigid and flexible packaging market trends, growth in the target end-use sectors, increased visibility, policy awareness and support for these solutions.

Our Role

  • – Business Model

ENCO will set up a Business Plan for the replicability and upscale of Merlin solutions.

  • – Communication and Dissemination

ENCO leads the activities related to the communication and visibility campaign as well as the dissemination of the project results.

  • – Exploitation

ENCO will manage the exploitation plan for MERLIN results. It will set out a IPR plan and manage the overall innovation impacts generated by the action.



€ 4.926.225

36 months

June 1 st , 2021

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