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RECOVER – Development of innovative biotic symbiosis for plastic biodegradation and synthesis to solve their end of life challenges in the agriculture and food industries

Started on 1 st June 2020, RECOVER is a disruptive RIA proposal built upon the actual needs to solve the contamination of agro-fields with non-biodegradable agro-plastics as well as to improve municipal waste handling by decreasing drastically the packaging fraction going to unsustainable waste management routes.

One of the main innovations in our proposal is the combination of endogenous and exogenous microorganisms and their inoculation on insects. This will allow achieving higher levels of biodegradation and direct conversion (at the same time) of agri-food plastic wastes in insect by-products such as chitin, that can be converted in chitosan (high value as bioplastics raw materials and other interesting industrial applications due to anti-microbial activity) that will be used in active packaging, enhanced mulching films and biofertilizers applications.

RECOVER will help providing novel biotechnological solutions applying microorganisms, enzymes and insects to degrade conventional plastic packaging and agricultural films waste streams but also result in new feedstocks for the bio-based industries. In addition, RECOVER can solve the microplastics pollution at the level of both industrial composting and soil.

Our Role

  • – Exploitation

ENCO is the leader of the exploitation activities, ensuring the replicability of the results beyond the project

  • – Innovation Management

ENCO is a member of the Innovation management committee, steering the project toward the implementation of the innovation process

  • – IPR management

ENCO is in charge of the IPR management, ensuring the appropriate protection of the results generated during the project activities



€ 4.399.362,59

48 months

Jun 1 st , 2020

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