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SYMBA M6 – General Assembly

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SYMBA consortium met in Ghent last 18th and 19th June, to mark and celebrate the first six months of the project implementation, present and evaluate the results achieved, and plan the next steps. 

The project deals with the development and implementation of an innovative Industrial Symbiosis (IS) Model through the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools, mainly aimed at reducing the industries Environmental Impact but also at creating a zero-waist chain, increasing the local supply, innovation and competitiveness. Therefore, the expected results will have an environmental, social and economic impact. 

The meetings, hosted by the Belgian partners of the consortium, Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant and Centexbel, began with a brief introduction by ENCO, the project coordinator. ENCO provided a summary of the general work completed, highlighting the overall progress and organizational aspects of the project. Each partner presented the tasks undertaken and the results achieved during the initial months. Following these presentations, the Consortium collectively defined the general path forward.  

During the meetings, partners also had the opportunity to visit the BBEPP laboratories, a significant and specialized facility for process development, scale-up, and custom manufacturing of biobased products and processes. 

This meeting highlighted two fundamental steps for the project’s ultimate goal, which the partners are committed to pursuing in the next phases: fostering collaboration, cooperation, and synergy with other key initiatives and projects, and validating an effective methodology for industrial symbiosis. This will support potential local stakeholders in implementing Circular Economy in the industrial sector, reducing its environmental impact. 


For more information, please contact:

Antonietta Pizza


Napoli, 19th June 2024


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